The City of Mosaics.





Just standing by some Etruscan red-figure vases from the 5th century BC, no biggie.Image

It was really bizzare to see some of the items used by the Etruscans.  For example, they had sewing needles carved out of bone that looked literally the EXACT same way they do today, and the items in this collection dated all the way back to the 13th century BC.  This was definitely one of the richest collections of ancient, i don’t know, i guess you could say ware, that I have seen.  They also had pins that had the same mechanism as we see on clothes pins, etc.

It’s funny though, because all of the items in this collection was really just normal, everyday things to them – to fetch water, or sew their drapery.  It was made without the intent of being put on display, yet we cherish what probably became their garbage and trash so much!  For a great reason though.  Imagine all you did for an entire 24 hours was carve a sewing needle out of a bone.  I mean, wow, so awesome!

I nervous for what people 3,000 + years from now will think of the stuff we have.  I mean, will they really think all the plastics we use today is art?  Ahh, but see it’s so different though because a plastic cup was made in 4 seconds in a factory but the kylikes ancient people used took way way longer to make and there was actually a person who actually spent a lot of time about thinking what they wanted this ONE kylix to look like.  No one was like, lemme just go to the superstore and get me my four pack of the exact same kylix.!!!  Granted, they sometimes repeated the same patterns and of course a lot of the same mythological scenes popped up, but still, there was a person’s artistic ability involved; unlike the way it is today.


I mean, think about your favorite cup, or bowl.  It’s probably the only one you have like it and it was probably hand-made, huh?  I don’t know, hand-made ware just makes dining so much more pleasurable.  And a pleasurable meal makes for pleasurable person 🙂



Spannocchia was an old farming unit where the people who worked on the farm lived in a commune and the family lived in the castle. This is what I thought all of Italy was like before I came here, so I’m glad I got to see it.







The last two are pictures of my, I guess you could call it backyard.  Very pretty.


sharonYikes guys, haven’t been here in a while. Well, the weather has warmed up and the grass in my apartment complex is sprouting with little flowers up to my knees.  Everyone is in good spirits : )

Today, JP is coming over for dinner and we’re having pici. It is easily the best kind of pasta that exists and it was invented right here in Siena, omg so good and i never use omg on the internet.

Right now, I’m enjoying some caffè with the door to my room wide open and all the little birdies chirping.

I will have some pictures up from spring break and Spannocchia soon, I forgot my SD card in JP’s camera.

Anyway, I miss everyone and everything Flagstaff oriented.

I’ll be back on the 20th or 21st of May in my new place with the b-e-a-utiful Laura Schwartz. House warming party? House warming party.


here are the birds

here are the birds

this site is being difficult right now. also, my camera is not so good so i will start using JPs and perhaps the photos will better translate what I am saying to the people looking at them